Stephen M. Silverman
May 05, 2003 01:00 AM

Pushing her new CD “American Life” on BBC TV this weekend, Madonna admitted that she’s picked up a bad habit from her hubby, British film director Guy Ritchie.

“I didn’t start drinking until I met Guy Ritchie — he’s been a wonderful influence on me,” the Material Mogul, 44, joked.

“I get drunk with him … I have learned to love ale. Timothy Taylor’s the best real ale. I’ve become one of those English drunken girls. All it takes is a half of a pint. I’m a cheap date, yeah.”

How cheap? “You don’t have to take me anywhere fancy,” she confessed.

“I was drunk a couple of days ago. We went to the Dog and Duck in (the central London neighborhood of) Soho.”

She also stressed that, despite reports to the contrary, she has not fallen out of love with her adopted homeland.

“I’m not delighted that people keep writing that I don’t like it here,” she said on the air.

So deep is her love, in fact, that “I figured out how to drive on the wrong side of the road and I learned to love ale … I mean why did I buy so many houses here, then?”

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