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MacDowell's Film Mirrors True Tragedy

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Raven-haired actress Andie MacDowell attended the New York City premiere of her new movie “Harrison’s Flowers,” a film that deals with the disappearance of a journalist in a war-ravaged country, on Tuesday night, reports PEOPLE. And the movie’s arrival couldn’t be more timely, with the recent murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl by Pakistani terrorists. In the movie, MacDowell, 43, stars as a photojournalist searching for her photojournalist husband, played by David Strathairn, in war-ravaged Bosnia. MacDowell told PEOPLE that normally such violent subject matter would not appeal to her, but she was drawn to the love story. “I love the whole romantic side of it. That’s what really appealed to me,” said MacDowell. “The war part was not something I had ever experienced and when I read it, it was very difficult to read. But I just love the fact that this man and woman had this incredible relationship.” She added that the filming in Prague was difficult. “There were some days it was pretty depressing and exhausting. We were pretty uncomfortable, and there was an insecurity about all the explosions.” “Harrison’s Flowers,” which also stars Adrien Brody, opens this Friday.