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Love Was Intoxicated, Cop Claims

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Courtney Love will go to trial on April 16, a Los Angeles judge ruled Monday, as an officer testified that the former Hole singer appeared intoxicated at the time of her arrest last October on suspicion of drug use, Reuters reports.

“She admitted to taking Hillbilly Heroin, the street name for OxyContin,” said Officer Scott Blackman, adding that Love had symptoms of intoxication that included “slow, slick, slurred speech and mucous around both nostrils.”

“She was off-balance. She couldn’t stand on her own,” Blackman added. “She had to lean on the police car.”

Although she did not attend Monday’s hearing, Love, 39, is charged with illegally possessing the painkilling drugs Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, which were found when she was later admitted to a hospital. She is also charged with disorderly conduct.

Her attorney, Michael Rosenstein, asked that the court toss out a urine test and other evidence against Love, including her statements to police, though that plea was rejected. “It’s very clear, quite frankly, that this was a witch hunt against my client. She’s a very high-profile person,” Rosenstein said.

Blackman, who with a partner found Love outside her ex-boyfriend’s home in the middle of the night Oct. 2, said during a pretrial hearing that the singer also admitted breaking windows at the house of her ex-boyfriend, producer Jim Barber. Barber, however, declined to press charges for vandalism.

Love’s current album is “America’s Sweetheart.” In related news, Monday marked the 10th anniversary of the death of Love’s husband, grunge rocker Kurt Cobain.

About 30 fans gathered at Seattle’s Viretta Park to honor the legacy of the Nirvana frontman, who committed suicide at age 27. The gathering was described as subdued, with some fans placing lilies and daisies on a bench, while others lit candles or sat quietly on the lawn listening to Nirvana’s music over headphones, reports the Seattle Times.