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Lost Star Andrews Says He Fathered Child

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Naveen Andrews, who plays Iraqi soldier Sayid on Lost, has acknowledged that he fathered a child after an encounter with another woman during a “brief period” of separation from longtime girlfriend Barbara Hershey last year.

Andrews’s publicist says that the British-born actor, 35, recently learned that he is the father of her baby boy, and that he and Hershey, 57, have worked things out and remain committed to their relationship.

“I have every intention of assuming appropriate responsibility for the child,” Andrews – who is up for a Golden Globe for his role on Lost – said in a statement to the Associated Press.

Hershey’s credits, which hark back to the 1960s, include Martin Scorsese’s early work Boxcar Bertha, Breakfast of Champions (based on the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. novel) and Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters and Beaches, opposite Bette Midler.