Erin Clements
November 08, 2013 03:55 PM

Many of us spent our teenage birthdays composing amateur poetry in our LiveJournal, or wondering if some now-forgotten crush would show up at our party.

But when Lorde, the New Zealand pop phenom behind the smash hit “Royals,” turned 17 this past Thursday, she took the opportunity to reflect upon her newfound fame in an eloquent Tumblr post. It’s been quite a year for the singer, born Ella Yelich-O Connor, who has topped Billboard’s Hot 100 for the last six weeks.

Read six passages from her birthday post that prove the young songstress is way more sophisticated than we were at her age.

Exhibit A:

“i’m in new york city. i’m writing this because i’ve fallen into this odd crevasse of age where in new zealand, it’s my birthday, but in new york, there’s still a day to go.”

Exhibit B:

“last night, i played to a room of people whose names i worship, breathe like fine gold smoke, reverent.”

Exhibit C:

“i felt so warm in the arms of these legends who are good enough to have faith in me, weird little screwball that i am. i realize over and over every day just how lucky i am to be here. and that s down to all of you, as well – regular people in dumb towns who make me feel so loved and strong, and whose hunger i can’t wait to satisfy with more music.”

Exhibit D:

“i’m already thinking about the next project, about reinvention, and personae, and theatricality and subtlety, and simplicity and complexity.”

Exhibit E:

“i think back to my last birthday; it fell in the middle of exam revision but a bunch of my friends came over anyway to eat cake and ruffle my hair and talk about Pokemon. weirdos. miss them and my family terribly! but i have a kind of family here, in new york – our little tight bunch playing shows and being overwhelmed constantly and falling asleep in the backs of cabs.”

Exhibit F:

“today’s weird time blip is a day off (kind of), so i’m going to wrap up warm and walk around the city listening to stevie nicks and broken social scene, feeling all seventeen, hugging myself against the cold. if you see me, and i’m whispering to myself all crazy, don’t worry. it s just a happy mantra of thanks for the way things are.”

Happy belated birthday to our dear, wise-beyond-her-years Lorde. Read the entire post here, then watch the songbird in all her “Royals” glory below.

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