Logo TV/Youtube
Alex Heigl
November 20, 2013 12:45 PM

We bet you didn’t know your Thanksgiving was sorely lacking in twerking. Well, it was.

But no longer.

“Logo viewers have known for years that avoiding the stress of the family Thanksgiving dinner is just the thing needed to actually enjoy the holiday,” reads the press release Logo sent us to accompany this video. So they’re promoting an alternate gathering where “those in the know opt to partake in ‘Friendsgiving’ with their besties” instead of the hassle of spending time with your family.

This video, essentially an instructional video for Thanksgiving (“Candy your yams / butter your rolls”), aims to aid you in this goal with one important command: “Twerk your turkey.”

And that’s about it.

There’s a lot of footage of raw turkey twerking that’s kind of upsetting, but we still can’t look away. In fact, we’ve been listening to it for the past 10 minutes. It’s terrifying, it’s irritating, it’s magnetic, and it’s going to be everywhere online by the end of the day. You’re welcome.

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