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Liz Taylor: Eight Is Enough

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Cats may have nine lives, but film diva Elizabeth Taylor, who turns 69 next month, isn’t interested in nine husbands. Taylor, who’s made the move down the aisle eight times, told CNN interviewer Larry King on Monday night that, as far as she’s concerned, eight is enough. Asked whether or not she would marry again, Taylor immediately replied, “No.” “That’s it?” asked King. “Yes!” she gasped. “You’re done?” he quizzed. “Yes,” she insisted, adding, “I’d live with someone if he were cute, intelligent, compassionate, adorable, had a good sense of humor.” For the record, she was married to hotel heir Nicky Hilton, actor Michael Wilding, producer Mike Todd (who died in a plane crash 13 months after their wedding and, she said, was her great love, along with Richard Burton, whom she married and divorced twice), singer Eddie Fisher (who she criticized), Virginia senator John Warner and construction worker Larry Fortensky.