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Nicole Weisensee Egan
December 08, 2009 05:20 PM

It’s 2:35 a.m. and Elin Nordegren is in a panic. The children are crying. Her mother is on the floor in the bathroom of a Florida mansion.

“Oh my God! My mom just collapsed,” Nordegren tells the emergency operator in a 911 call. “She collapsed in the bathroom. What do I do?”

According to a tape released Tuesday by fire officials, for the next 3 minutes and 21 seconds, a dispatcher calms down Tiger Woods’s wife and then helps her cope with yet another family crisis.

First, the dispatcher has Nordegren check on her mom to see if she’s breathing and if she’s conscious. Nordegren comes back and says she is. When Nordegren says it’s hard for her to run back and forth from the bathroom to the phone, the dispatcher asks her if there is a phone closer to the bathroom. Nordegren says she’ll check and finds one.

Click here to listen to the call:

“Can she tell you what happened?” the dispatcher asks.

“She said she collapsed. She fainted. She was down for a while,” Nordegren says. “I heard her fall and I came in here.”

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When the dispatcher asks if she still wants the paramedics to come, Nordegren says, “No” and apologizes for the call.

“I’m sorry. I got so scared,” she says.

The dispatcher asks her if her mother has a history of heart problems, and Nordegren checks and tells her, “No.”

The call ends with the dispatcher saying she’s going to send paramedics there to check her vital signs.

“Okay,” says Nordegren. “It’s not urgent now, though.”

Holmberg, 57, was taken to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee, Fla., where she was admitted, treated then released shortly before 2 p.m. She returned to the Woods mansion, said Dan Yates, a hospital spokesperson.

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