Courtesy Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn
Carlos Greer
November 04, 2013 06:00 PM

According to Lindsey Vonn, there’s more to Tiger Woods than his impressive golf swing.

“He’s always making jokes,” his girlfriend, 29, tells Katie Couric on an episode of Katie airing Tuesday.

“He’s funny. He’s really laid back. He’s a great guy.”

The Olympic skier, who is currently training for the Winter Olympics, told Couric the couple’s similarities are what drives her to him.

“He’s very competitive just like me. We have very similar personalities,” she said.

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But she’s well aware that her revelations may not win her rave reviews once she gets home.

“He’s goofy, like dorky-goofy,” she shares. “He’s not going to be that excited that I just said that.”

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