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See the Cast of Mean Girls Hanging Out with Their Younger Selves

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“Fetch” is about to enter its second decade of not happening: On April 30, teen comedy Mean Girls celebrates the 10th anniversary of its release. We’re not 100 percent clear on the math, but we’re pretty sure that means the instant classic has become an actual classic.

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve taken the film’s cast for a run through our Photoshop time machine. We’re all aware of Lindsay Lohan’s erratic journey over the years, but aren’t you curious to see how Gretchen Weiners and Damian turned out?

How long can we stand to look at these photos? The limit does not exist.

All photo illustrations by Tiffany Hagler-Geard for

Lindsay Lohan: Calling Somebody Else Old Won’t Make You Any Younger

Lindsay Lohan in 1998 and 2014

Rachel McAdams: On Wednesdays We Wear Red (or Black)

Rachel McAdams in 2013 and 2004

Tina Fey: She Doesn’t Even Go Here!

Tina Fey in 2002 and 2014

Amanda Seyfried: You Can’t Just Ask People Which One’s Older

Amanda Seyfried in 2013 and 2004

Lacey Chabert: That’s Why She’s Got So Many Bags – They’re Full of Secrets

Lacey Chabert in 1995 and 2013

Lizzy Caplan: The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

Lizzy Caplan in 2003 and 2014

Daniel Franzese: One for You, Damian! You Go, Damian!

Daniel Franzese in 2011 and 2004

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