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VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan and Letterman Call Oprah on Late Night

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Oprah Winfrey and Lindsay Lohan‘s friendship can survive anything.

Even David Letterman.

Lohan, on Late Night to promote her appearance on 2 Broke Girls, sat in on a phone call from Letterman to Winfrey, as Letterman offered unsolicited advice on how to improve Lohan’s Winfrey-produced show.

One of the suggestions was that every show should start with a breakfast scene, to which Winfrey responded, “I’ve never seen Lindsay eat breakfast …” Lohan had to interject at that point, questioning, “What is this conversation?”

Things did turn serious towards the end of the segment, as Lohan teared up when Winfrey complimented the starlet on her openness with her own recovery on the show.

Leave it to Oprah to turn a late-night talk show prank into an opportunity for emotional catharsis.

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