People Staff
March 18, 2005 04:00 PM

David Letterman says he is “forever grateful” to police for nabbing a man who was allegedly plotting to kidnap the talk-show host’s son, Harry.

“We will be forever grateful for their tireless efforts and determination to vigorously pursue this situation,” said the statement released on behalf of Letterman and his longtime girlfriend, Regina Lasko, who is Harry’s mother.

Montana police announced Thursday they had arrested Kelly A. Frank for allegedly planning to hold Letterman’s 18-month-old child and his nanny for $5 million ransom. Montana Department of Corrections spokeswoman Sally Hilander said Frank, 43, was under state supervision for a previous crime and was working as a painter at Letterman’s ranch west of Choteau in Montana.

The alleged plot to nab Letterman’s 1-1/2-year-old son was uncovered when a person called police after allegedly being approached by Frank about a kidnapping plot.

Frank was arrested Sunday and arraigned Thursday. He’s currently being held on $600,000 bail and is charged with felony solicitation. It was not immediately clear whether Frank had an attorney.

Letterman’s spokesman said he could not immediately say whether the 57-year-old Late Show host or his family was in Montana at the time of the arrest.

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