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Erin Clements
January 15, 2014 09:00 AM

Betty White turns 92 Friday, and while the nonagenarian has experienced a resurgence in recent years, she’s perhaps most beloved for her role as Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls.

Fellow TV icon Valerie Harper was one of the first to send birthday wishes to the Hot in Cleveland star:

Although White’s dimwitted St. Olaf native’s naïveté was often a target for the other characters’ sharp-edged zingers, we gleaned plenty of wisdom from Rose over the show’s seven seasons. Here are 11 lessons she taught us.

1. Friends Will Help You Through a Crisis

Such as when a man dies in your bed.

2. But Sometimes It’s Better to Keep Them Away from Your Dates

“May I take your height?”

3. Sperheoven Krispies Make the Perfect Late-Night Snack

“Just when you’re about ready to throw up from the stench, that’s when they’re done.”

4. What’s Yours Is Yours

And don’t take bribes from anyone – even Sunshine Cadets.

5. A Dance Partner Isn’t Always Necessary

Especially when cartwheels and splits are involved.

6. It’s Possible to Tell a Story in 10 Words or Less

In fact, sometimes it’s better that way.

7. Excitement Is Key in a Relationship

“You don’t realize how much you care for a man until you see him streaking toward the earth trying to grab a bird.”

8. Express Gratitude for Your Friends

But don’t fall for their pranks.

9. There Is Such a Thing as a Stupid Question

And sometimes it needs to be asked.

10. Always Be Prepared with an Extra Cheesecake

Preferably not from a baker who refuses to wear a hairnet.

11. You Can Lead a Herring to Water

But you have to walk really fast or he’ll die.

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