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Lee to Lawyer: 'Idiot'

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A federal lawsuit involving former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, 38, ended on a bizarre note in a New York courtroom Friday. Lee was being sued for ripping off the name of his new band (formed in 1999), Methods of Mayhem, from obscure Swedish musician Thomas Tibert, 38, who produces sound-effects CDs. Late Friday, Lee’s record company, MCA, announced that it had reached an out-of-court settlement with Tibert for an undisclosed sum of money. Lee will be able to continue to use the name. But, according to New York’s Daily News, the jury was going to give Lee the right to use the name anyway, with no money going to the plaintiff. Court costs were already said to be astronomical. When the judge asked Lee if he accepted the deal, an MCA lawyer cut him off, said the News, which went on to report that the musician stormed out of the courtroom — but not until he pointed to the MCA attorney and muttered the word “idiot.”