Stephen M. Silverman
May 28, 2003 01:00 PM

Country-pop star LeAnn Rimes is reminding fans that she’s no longer 13 (as she was when her career was launched) and they can expect more from her upcoming concert tour. She’s also very much a married woman, she says.

As Rimes, 19, told reporters backstage at last week’s American Country Music Awards, “I have a story behind the songs. I’m very comfortable with my sexuality. I’m comfortable with my body, so I can move differently now. I’m a woman, so it makes a huge difference than seeing a kid perform. It’s a major difference in the show, and I love it.”

As for touring, “I am possibly going to Australia soon. I know we’ll be hitting Europe at some point, and I’m doing a thing here in America,” she said.

“I did 500 shows in three and a half years from the time I was 13, so I was really sick of touring. So now I’m really excited to go back, doing the music that I love. I’m doing old stuff. I’m doing new stuff. There an acoustic part in the show. It’s just really about the performance and my voice instead of the whole hoopla of production. And it’s more fun that way.”

Speaking of growing up, Rimes, who married professional dancer Dean Sheremet, 21, in Dallas last year, posted a message last month on her Web site outlining the couple’s domestic plans.

As she wrote: “Hey guys I wanted to take a min to fill you in about my move. Dean and I can’t wait to move to Nashville, It is a lifestyle preference and a great place to raise a family … as far as my music goes I will always make the music everyone loves and that is good music, plain and simple. I am thrilled to see you guys on tour this year! Love always Your LeAnn”

At the same time, Rimes’s representatives told news outlets that, contrary to growing speculation, Rimes is not pregnant.

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