Most Wanted/Flynet
Kristin Boehm and Caris Davis
August 07, 2008 10:30 AM

He’s got a broken arm. A broken elbow. And now, Morgan Freeman has a broken marriage.

Bill Luckett, the Oscar winner’s business partner and lawyer, says Freeman and his wife of 24 years are getting a divorce, reports the Associated Press.

Luckett told the Memphis Commercial-Appeal newspaper that the divorce action between Freeman and Myrna Colley-Lee is pending as the actor heals from his recent car accident. Morgan’s condition has been upgraded to “fair” by the hospital, which would not comment on his impending release.

Luckett also told USA Today that reports the actor severed a nerve in his arm are incorrect.

“Nothing was severed. A nerve can be bruised or stretched. It was injured but not severed,” he told the paper.

“The doctors have said it will be six months to a year before he plays golf again,” added Luckett. “He hates that.”

Freeman, according to Luckett, will also have to wear a neck brace for six to eight months.


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