People Staff
March 11, 2006 06:00 AM

PEOPLE catches up with Lauren Holly, the actress who is back on series television on CBS’s NCIS. She opens up about marriage, motherhood and leaving Hollywood.

Out of SightAfter her very public split from Jim Carrey in 1997, Lauren Holly, 42, says she often felt like a media target. These days, she s more likely to be shopping at Target. Marrying investment banker Francis Greco in 2001, Holly moved to a six-bedroom home in suburban Chicago, where they’re raising their three young children. “(My life) is so different now,” she says.

Reporting for Duty Recruited to the CBS naval drama NCIS by her former Chicago Hope costar Mark Harmon, Holly immediately fit in with the guys on the show. Prepping for a love scene, Holly covered her private parts with a giant red wig underneath her bathrobe and headed to the set. “I told Mark, ‘You’re going to see this anyway so let’s get it over with,'” she says. “I dropped my robe and he about died.”

Mock Relationship Set up on a blind date in 1999, Holly’s future husband says he didn’t expect much going in: “It was a function of ‘I think I know this type – actresses are spoiled and temperamental.'” Instead they hit it off immediately, fueled by what she calls “a Holly trait” of constantly making fun of each other. “There’s a game I like to play called ‘What were we doing then?'” says Greco, 37. “She doesn’t like to be reminded she s five years older.”

My Three Sons “It always made me sad that there were kids who didn’t have homes,” says Holly of the couple’s decision to adopt their three boys (Alexander, 4, and natural brothers George, 3, and Henry, 2). The family now splits time between Chicago and a Valencia, Calif., townhouse during filming. “She’s a wonderful mom,” says Greco, “although she can be a little unconventional with the kids. She’ll buy two birthday cakes – one we eat and the other to have a big fight with.”

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