Jenny Sundel
March 23, 2007 08:15 AM

Lauren “L.C.” Conrad has no problem staying friends with her exes – most of them, at least.

“I’m friends with almost everyone I’ve dated,” the Hills star, 21, told PEOPLE at a party for the Lisa Kline Beverly Hills boutique. “I mean, you liked them in the beginning, [so] as long as they didn’t do anything …”

Like, say, get sentenced to two months in jail for the battery of two men like her ex, Laguna Beach bad boy Jason Wahler?

“Well Jason’s a different story,” Conrad said. “I tried. I do talk to him every once in awhile, just to check in on him. I think he’s doing a little better. He’s got a lot of demons to work out, but he’s a good person. He’ll figure it out eventually.” (The pair split in August.)

But with Brody Jenner, whom she dated briefly last year and who hooked up with Conrad’s pal Jen behind her back on a recent episode of The Hills, Conrad insists there is no weirdness. “No, we’re friends,” she said. “We all just went to Cabo!”

So no hard feelings over a recent article in Details in which Jenner and his pal Spencer Pratt made some unflattering remarks?

“Honestly, I was nauseous reading it,” Conrad said. “I do feel a little bad because if you read almost every quote, it’s Spencer. He’s a better person without Spencer.”

The currently single Conrad, who says she’s “dating a lot,” might be friendly with her exes, but does she still have a good relationship with her Hills roommate Heidi Montag? “Yeah, yeah,” Conrad said.

Even though Montag is often shown ditching Conrad for her boyfriend, Pratt, and actually pushed Jenner to make out with Jen? “I mean, these are all things I didn’t know,” Conrad said. “You have to understand when you watch things, this is our first time seeing it, but it happened months and months ago.”

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