Peter Kramer/AP
Brian Orloff
May 05, 2008 04:25 PM

President Bush has prepared one special wedding gift for daughter Jenna, Laura Bush revealed during a news conference on Monday.

“[It] was his idea to build this beautiful limestone altar,” the First Lady told reporters of the now-permanent fixture at the family’s Crawford, Texas ranch – where their daughter will wed on May 10. “It’s the same thing that our house is made of from a local quarry. And they’re the ones that made it.”

As Jenna Bush’s nuptials to Henry Hager approach, Laura Bush says that the mood is more festive than nervous. “Neither one of us are nervous,” she said. “I’m very, very excited. It’s a very interesting passage of life when you get to that time in your life when your first child is getting married. And we’re gaining … our first son. So it’s a thrill.”

Jenna Bush has already revealed that she wanted to get married at home. “It means a lot to Henry and me to be outdoors,” she has said. “We wanted something organic and low key.” And Laura Bush confirmed, “She just wanted to get married at home. She just feels a lot more comfortable there.”

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