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9-Year-Old Stowaway to Las Vegas Has Been in Trouble Before

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While airport and airline officials continue to gather information in the mystery of how a 9-year-old boy successfully evaded security and stowed away on a Minneapolis-to-Las Vegas Delta flight last week, new details about the young passenger are emerging.

The boy – who, because of his age, is not being identified by name – is no stranger to trouble, reports radio station KFGO AM, which says he’s broken into a waterpark without buying a ticket.

Last week, says the station, he was arrested for driving on I-35 in a stolen car.

The station also says his mother works at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, and that Minnesota’s Hennepin County child protection workers reportedly have investigated the boy’s family four times since December 2012.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the boy went to the airport via light rail on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

On Wednesday, said the paper, he removed a bag off the luggage carousel, went through TSA security and had lunch at a restaurant in the area that leads to the concourses. He told restaurant staff that he needed a restroom, which required his going into one of the concourses.

Leaving the bag and his lunch bill behind, he never returned to the restaurant, said Pat Hogan, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission. (The bag was eventually returned to its rightful owner, with its contents untouched.)

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Officials are still not saying how he slipped past security screeners and gate agents to board the flight, which was not full, reports the Associated Press. The flight crew later became suspicious and handed him over to authorities in Las Vegas.

The Transportation Security Administration says he was screened along with other passengers to ensure that he was not a threat.