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Larry Birkhead to Bring Dannielynn Home from Bahamas?

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While Larry Birkhead has reportedly been granted permission to take daughter Dannielynn out of the Bahamas, a source close to the case refutes the story.

“He wants to take the child to the U.S.” the source says. “I don’t think that will happen because they still have the custody hearing next month.”

Dannielynn’s grandmother, Virgie Arthur, has a pending custody matter before the Supreme Court in Nassau.

The source, who is well versed in Bahamian law, maintains Supreme Court Justice Stephen Isaacs, who is hearing the custody matter, would no longer have jurisdiction over Dannielynn were she to leave the country.

“Once she pulls out, that’s it,” the source says.

In any event, the source doubts anything will happen soon because Dannielynn’s birth certificate needs to reflect Birkhead as the father. Her original birth certificate listed her mother’s attorney, Howard K. Stern, as the father.

“The birth certificate definitely hasn’t been changed yet,” the source says.

But according to sources close to Howard K. Stern, who has raised Dannielynn since her birth on Sept. 7, Birkhead will take the infant home to the U.S. on Friday.

Stern, the longtime companion of Dannielynn’s late mother, Anna Nicole Smith, is “upset and heartbroken” and finds himself facing the reality of being “single and on his own for the first time in many years,” a source close to him says.

Still, Stern told Access Hollywood: “I just want Dannie to have a good life, and I’m hopeful that Larry is going to provide that for her, so it’s bittersweet. It’s hard, but I just want her to be as happy as she can be.”

A source tells Reuters that, in exchange for allowing Birkhead to leave the Bahamas with Dannielynn, the court required that he return to the country for another formal custody hearing on June 8. Birkhead has been battling with Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, over custody.

Birkhead has an apartment in Burbank, Calif. – only a few miles from the Studio City house where he often stayed with Smith before she moved to the Bahamas. However, sources say the photographer will first bring Dannielynn back to his hometown of Louisville, Ky., where his father – who recently suffered a heart attack – is looking forward to meeting his granddaughter.

Stern will remain in the Bahamas and is expected to write a book about his life with Smith. “It will be a cathartic experience for him,” says a source.