Caris Davis
February 02, 2005 01:00 PM

Forget the movie. Passengers on a Jan. 21 British Airways flight from L.A. to London didn’t need headphones to watch the Lara Flynn Boyle show.

According to reports in the British press, the former Practice star flashed her breasts at the crew, stumbled around the first class cabin and tried to climb into a fellow flyer’s bed.

An airline spokesman confirmed the story’s veracity but declined to elaborate on details or name names. The American rep for the ever-thin actress, who is in England filming the drama Land of the Blind, with Ralph Fiennes and Donald Sutherland, did not respond to repeated calls for comment.

Meanwhile, Flynn Boyle’s U.K. rep, when questioned by the British press about the 34-year-old actress’s conduct, said, “It is completely inconsistent with her character and behavior.”

An airline spokesman said no formal complaints were made.

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