Daniel Robertson/Startraks
People Staff
July 25, 2013 05:15 PM

Lake Bell, 34, wrote, directed and stars as an underachieving vocal coach in the new comedy, In A World… and chatted with PEOPLE this week about “one last thing” …

Last thing I lost
I lose my phone on a daily basis. I’m one of those people who could be holding my phone and frantically looking around, convinced someone stole it. And it’s on my person.

Last gift I received
A dear friend just gave Scott [Campbell] and me a registry gift, the moka coffeemaker; it’s old-school. The registry was a solid wedding tradition. I even had a black toilet on it.

Last back rub I gave
My husband and I both have back tension, so we’re always trying to identify and locate. “Here?” “Lower.” “Here?” “Lower, to the left.” We always play the “Is it here?” game.

Last time I watched the sunset
Flying from coast to coast. It was like a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. I was nervous the pilot was going to get distracted because it was so beautiful, like, “Keep your eyes on the road, pal.”

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