Dahvi Shira
June 19, 2012 11:45 AM

Goalie Jonathan Quick helped his L.A. Kings hockey team win the Stanley Cup on June 11, but it was his 2-year-old daughter Madison Mychal who stole the spotlight at a press conference shortly thereafter.

“My first reaction was to look for my wife and … get her help because she’s probably a better parent than I am,” Quick, 26, told PEOPLE with a laugh on Monday. “I think it was great just to have [Madison] be a part of it. As she’s in the press conference running around, I think it’s something fans don’t get to see much of, especially from me.”

A shy Quick, who calls himself “pretty mild-mannered when it comes to [my personal life],” says he was glad his daughter’s moment allowed “fans to see a different side of me.”

Although only a toddler, Quick says his daughter is “going to like hockey whether she wants to or not.”

Explains the star athlete, who will be dressed by John Varvatos for the NHL Awards on June 20, “Not only because of myself, but four of her uncles are also hockey players. She’s surrounded by hockey, and it’s going to be a big part of her life growing up.”

Luckily, Madison, who is brought to the games by her mom, is already a fan of watching her dad play.

“When we score a goal, she gets scared because the horn’s so loud, but she loves watching the games,” Quick says. “She doesn’t really know what she’s watching, but she likes just being there.”

Now that Quick finally has some spare time on his hands, he plans to devote it to his loved ones.

“I don’t do much, to be honest,” he says. “I’m going to spend time getting ready for next season, but the biggest thing is spending time with family. It’s just kind of cool to relax at home and watch TV with them. This summer, I’m going to [my hometown in] Connecticut and seeing everybody.”

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