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L.A. Attorney: Dire Message for Lost Star

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The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office delivered a troubling message for Lost star Michelle Rodriguez on Thursday, after the actress was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Honolulu on Dec. 1, her second such arrest in two years.

“We believe Ms. Rodriguez violated the terms of her probation,” said office spokesman Frank Mateljan. “She now potentially faces up to 18 months in county jail.”

In June 2004, Rodriguez, 27, was sentenced to 36 months of probation stemming from a DUI in Nov. 2003 and a hit-and-run the previous July (both in the Hollywood area).

Of the mounting infractions, Mateljan said: “Ms. Rodriguez should definitely take this seriously. It’s a shame it’s come to this point.”

Officials in his office will make a formal accusation in an L.A. court on Jan. 24. The actual probation violation hearing will be set after Rodriguez’s trial in Honolulu for her latest DUI charge.

Her trial date has been set for March 30. Her attorney, Steve Barta, had no further comment.

Meanwhile, Thursday in Honolulu’s Kaneohe District Court, Rodriguez and fellow Lost cast member Cynthia Watros, 37, were arraigned on the latest DUI charges. (The two, who were driving separate cars, were arrested within 15 minutes of one another.)

Watros’s attorney Lanson Kupau had the arraignment postponed to Jan. 12, when she will plead guilty and take “full responsibility. … She made a mistake. She’s very remorseful and she wants to take responsibility for her actions,” Kupau said, according to the Associated Press.

Watros, who is currently spending the holiday with family in California, “realizes, understands and appreciates the seriousness of the charges. We will cooperate and she will take responsibility,” her attorney says.