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Reagan Alexander and Alison Schwartz
January 21, 2013 11:00 AM

It’s been nearly two years since Kate Hudson announced her plans to wed rocker beau Matthew Bellamy.

But if the happy couple need any advice when it comes to love and relationships, well, they have a very valuable source at their disposal.

Hudson’s mother, the glowing Goldie Hawn, is weeks away from celebrating her 30th anniversary with partner Kurt Russell on (fittingly) Valentine’s Day. And although they may set a decidedly enviable example, Russell says they’re not prying into the couple’s personal business.

“We stay out of their way, obviously,” he told PEOPLE at Friday’s Living Legends of Aviation Awards in Beverly Hills, where his Gogi wine label’s Pinot noir was served. “But if we find ourselves talking about each other and how we feel about each other, we stand up and we say, ‘Wait this is important!’ ”

Adds the actor, 61: “I’m not going to lie about something like that, and we try not to stick our nose in where it doesn’t belong, but if we sense that perhaps there is something that someone wants to talk about, I think we’re open enough to say a little something if it’s right and appropriate.”

But you won’t find Russell pressuring Bellamy to tie the knot with Hudson, with whom he has 18-month-old son Bingham. (Hudson has another son, 9-year-old Ryder, from her previous marriage.)

If he ever made any judgement, “At that point, I hope [Bellamy] would hit me right in the teeth,” joked Russell, who’s never officially wed Hawn.

He ultimately has no tricks of the trade to share with the couple, he says. “I don’t know what secrets there are, and like any couple that’s been together for 30 years, we’ve experienced many, many different angles and avenues of our relationship,” continues Russell. “I think I’m incredibly lucky to have had the experience, and even more fortunate to have it with the person I have it with.”

As for his upcoming anniversary with Hawn, he says, “We will do something special.”

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