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Video Diary: Surfer Films 9 Months of Her Pregnancy Out at Sea

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Kristina Olivares loves surfing. She loves it so much that she wasn’t about to let a little thing like being pregnant stop her from hitting the waves.

The 34-year-old Olivares, who hails from Manly, Australia, surfed four days a week through nearly the entirety of her 2013 pregnancy, documenting the challenges posed by her changing body through photos, video and her blog (appropriately titled “Surfing Pregnant”).

For those of you raising your fingers and/or voices at the screen, Kristina’s aware of your argument: “It is usually people with no surfing experience who seem to imagine that I am recklessly surfing massive waves on a short board like a scene from the movie Blue Crush,” she writes on her blog.

“I try to point out the amazing fitness and stress relief aspects of surging to people with a negative mindset and draw their attention to the fact that everyday situations such as crossing the street or driving a car pose many more risks to a pregnant woman, or any person, than surfing.”

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