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Kristen Bell, Don Cheadle Tweet That They're Safe After On-Set Gunfire Report

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Courtesy of Kristen Bell

House of Lies‘s Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle want fans to know the truth: that they’re alive and well.

The stars have taken to Twitter to assure folks that they’re safe after a report surfaced claiming that gunfire broke out at a Los Angeles location where the Showtime series was shooting.

According to TMZ, the show was filming at a housing project in South Central Los Angeles Friday when shots were fired, the result of an alleged gang-related incident.

Supposedly, no one was injured – least of all its stars, who managed to find some humor in the alarming report.

“Holy s––t, I’m dead (TMZ),” Cheadle, 48, Tweeted.

Bell, 33, quickly chimed in. “I m sitting right next to him, he s definitely not dead. ‘@IamDonCheadle: Holy s––t, I m dead (TMZ),’ ” she responded.

And if there was still any lingering skepticism about the two stars’s well-being, the actress made sure to squelch them with hard, irrefutable proof: an ever-reliable Twitpic.

“I am like 99% sure he s not dead wait a min #zombiedon,” she Tweeted, attaching a photo that showed Cheadle putting on his best zombie mug.

Memo to Cheadle: Perhaps it’s time to see if that rumored World War Z sequel is looking for some extras…