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Tim Nudd
April 18, 2014 09:30 AM

Dax Shepard’s love affair with Brad Pitt just got a little more intimate.

Earlier this week, the Parenthood actor, 39, visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Ellen honored his well-known obsession with Pitt by giving him a Legends of the Fall-themed painting showing the two of them together.

On Friday, Shepard’s wife, Kristen Bell, makes her own appearance on the show, and reveals just where her husband decided to hang the painting.

“It was the first thing he showed me when he got home,” says Bell, 33. “He’s like, ‘Come on to my trunk, I gotta show you what Ellen got me.’ And I was like, ‘Wait, how was your segment?’ ‘Just come to my trunk.’ ”

This prized possession apparently got a place of honor in the Bell-Shepard house, too. “He has already put it up, and it is in the boudoir,” says Bell. “It’s resting on the headboard above our bed.”

Told that could be dangerous in an earthquake, Bell adds: “Well, it’s going to need to be secured if it’s going to live there.” (We’re betting it won’t.)

Bell also speaks a little bit about her daughter Lincoln, who is apparently perfecting a dance move called the Jersey Turnpike.

“Her body takes her away, man. She travels when she dances. I can’t explain it,” says Bell. “I think it started when she didn’t have a ton of balance, and now we’ve encouraged it, and that’s like her go-to move.”

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