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Who's a Red-Hot Mama, Who's Actually Hot at Coachella?

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Rex USA; Michael Simon/StarTraks; Katie Kauss for

Why did the coolest people in Hollywood travel 100-plus miles just to hang in the hot sun all day? And why did the chicken cross the road? Read on to find the answer to one of these questions.

5. Why George W. Bush Is Feelin’ Grand

Goodbye messy politics and hello dirty diapers! We’re thinking former President George W. Bush is more than ready to take on the less pleasant responsibilities that come along with being a grandparent, as he announced on Sunday after his daughter Jenna welcomed a baby girl, Margaret Laura “Mila” Hager, on Saturday night. “Our family is elated,” he said. (Send your congrats)

4. Someone’s Red-y for Baby, Ahem

Yeah, yeah, we know: Kim Kardashian is going to be one hot mama. Until then, the mom-to-be headed to her Las Vegas perfume launch wearing a red-hot dress that would potentially make our moms and/or the expectant duchess blush the very same shade. (Belly good, Kim)

3. Do You Even Recognize This Dog Anymore?

Sigh, you know how it is – they just grow up so fast! Take the word’s smallest dog, Tiny Beyoncé. Well, she’s not so small anymore. It feels like just yesterday she was sitting on iPhones that were way bigger than her. Pretty soon, she’ll be too cool for her parents, going on dates with boys and moving far, far away to some big city. Until then, see just how much the rescue pooch has grown in a year. (Feeling emotional?)

2. Our Hearts Belong to Matt Damon, Too

It’s not like us to eye a married man, especially one who just renewed his vows. But after hearing how Damon headed to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia with wife Luciana to exchange those precious words one more time, we can’t help but feel a little bit jealous we weren’t there ourselves. Like a scene straight out of your favorite romantic-comedy, the couple revisited their nuptials at sunset as their 50 guests, including their four daughters and equally adorable lovebirds Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, looked on. Luciana, you lucky, lucky girl. (Take notes, guys)

1. Who’s Having the Best Weekend Ever?

Apparently, no one is in Hollywood this weekend because everyone – and we mean everyone – is hanging out in Indio, Calif. Weekend-long music fest Coachella has attracted the likes of anyone you have ever ogled on the big screen or sang along to in your car when no one else is around. Not to name-drop, but we’re talking about: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry, Ashley Benson, Leonardo DiCaprio and everyone else you wish you were Facebook friends with. (See for yourself)