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Kelli Bender
January 07, 2014 08:00 AM

It’s a New Year and resolutions abound. For many, 2014 is the year to get fit.

Workout videos are always there to help you shed pounds in the security of your own home. But before you dust off the VCR and pop in Buns of Steel, you should know all your options.

One of those options is Angela Lansbury’s Positive Moves (see below). Yes, you can go from 2013 flab to a body ready for the tight-fitting collared sweaters of Murder She Wrote in mere days.

All you need is dedication and direction from your favorite stars. So, grab your leg warmers and step into a world where leotards know no bounds and Mark Wahlberg is your workout buddy.

Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam

Fit Tip: Looking for that extra push to get sweaty? Think about when your parents grounded you or that time your crush totally didn’t “like like” you back. Ugh!

Mark Wahlberg's The Marky Mark Workout

Fit Tip: Fly honeys enhance all situations – bicep curls included.

Kim Kardashian's Fit in Your Jeans By Friday

Fit Tip: Wearing hoops earrings and full makeup during a workout adds extra weight resistance.

Cher's A New Attitude

Fit Tip: Perms and Pilates are a killer combination. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Fabio's Fabio Fitness

Fit Tip Hair flips are key to consistent calorie burn.

LaToya Jackson's Step Up with LaToya

Fit Tip: Wear a belt with your leotard and instantly lose inches off your waist.

Heather Locklear's Your Personal Workout

Fit Tip: Show your body and fitness friends you mean business by working a thong into your ensemble.

Zsa Zsa Gabor's It's Simple Darling

Fit Tip: Why exercise your own body when you can pay someone to do it for you?

Angela Lansbury's Positive Moves

Fit Tip: A soothing mass-age can help with exercise … and murder cases.

Jane Fonda's Lean Routine

Fit Tip: In the exercise world, they make tights for your entire body. Embrace it.

Richard Simmons's Party Off The Pounds

Fit Tip: Save the dance moves you learned in gym class and “Pony” away the pounds.

Suzanne Somers's ThighMaster

Fit Tip: The fitness relics in your mom’s basement need love, too.

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