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Kim Kardashian Defends Her Controversial Photo

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No animals were harmed during this photo shoot with Kim Kardashian.

That’s the reality star’s message to fans who reacted negatively to a photo she posted online showing her holding a cat by the scruff of the neck during a shoot over the weekend.

Kardashian, 29, wrote in a blog post Monday: “Rest assured, the owner and vet were on set and showed me how to pick him up. The cat was not harmed in any way and is perfectly fine! I love animals and would never do anything to harm any animals.”

Animal-rights groups didn’t strongly condemn Kardashian – clearly she wasn’t intentionally harming the cat – but did say her actions weren’t ideal.

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A rep for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told the New York Daily News: “Kim Kardashian isn’t the only person who mistakenly thinks that because a mother cat picks up her kittens by the scruff of the neck that a supportive hand under the rump isn’t needed. But I’ll bet plenty of fans have let her know – nicely, we hope!”

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ L.A. chapter said kittens can be held by the scruff for a brief amount of time but warned that “the manner in which Ms. Kardashian is holding the kitten could lead others to mishandle animals.”

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