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Kids React to Gay Marriage In Viral Video

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Kids can usually be counted on for candor. And in a new video from the Fine Bros., children ages 5 to 13 weigh in on same-sex marriage, offering perceptive and sometimes hilarious commentary.

While viewing footage of two proposals – one by a Utah man who enlisted a flash mob to pop the question to his boyfriend at Home Depot, the other by a Seattle woman who proposed to her girlfriend atop a bus – most of the young participants appear supportive of the grand gestures.

“When someone proposes to me, that’s what I want to happen,” observes Elle, 11.

And even those who are initially critical – “How does a guy marry a guy?” Samirah, 7, wants to know – eventually admit that they don’t understand what the fuss is about. (In fact, Samirah’s concerns are more practical than political: “You’re hanging out with a guy for the rest of your life, all you’re gonna know is guy things. You go to a fancy restaurant you’re just going to be burping the whole time.”)

Others, meanwhile, are simply confused by the premise. “Justin Bieber married a guy,” Maxim, 7, explains, when asked what happened in both videos.

But ultimately, proclaims Dash, 9, “anyone should be able to marry anyone.”

Watch kids say the darnedest, cutest things above.