Dahvi Shira and Stephen M. Silverman
January 30, 2013 08:30 AM

Listen up! Kid President has some words of wisdom to share.

The young, self-proclaimed child chief of the United States doesn’t identify himself by name in his video, apparently preferring that his message get all the attention.

“Life is not a game, people,” says the tux-wearing “chief executive” – identified by Tennessee’s Jackson Sun as 9-year-old Robbie Novak, a third-grader at East Chester Elementary School – on a video posted on his Kid President website.

“Life isn’t a cereal, either,” he says in the video, which has already been viewed on YouTube 3 million times. “Well, [rolls eyes], it is a cereal. And if life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team? I mean really, right? I’m on your team. Be on my team. This is life, people. You’ve got air coming through your nose. Heartbeat. That means it’s time to do something!”

In between quoting Robert Frost and Journey, emotive little Robbie gives a special shout-out to a certain basketball legend who starred in a certain basketball film.

“In high school, what if [Michael Jordan] had quit if he didn’t make the [basketball] team?” Kid President says. “He would have never made Space Jam. And I love Space Jam. What would be your Space Jam? What would you create that would make the world awesome? Nothin’ if you keep sitting there.”

Continuing his pep talk while dancing in the middle of a football field, he says, “This is your time, this is my time, this is our time. We can make every day better for each other. If we’re all on the same team, let’s start acting like it. We’ve got work to do. We were made to be awesome.”

The Jackson Sun says Robbie’s father, David Novak, works at Freed-Hardeman University, and the videos are produced by Robbie’s brother-in-law (his older sister’s husband), Brad Montague, who runs the university s social media.

“He is without the doubt the funniest kid I’ve ever met,” Montague told the newspaper. “He s intelligent and quick witted. He always has a smile and keeps it positive.’

Robbie’s also got a few famous friends. He’s posted Tweets and photos of him and Josh Groban, among others. His blog posts include photos accompanied by upbeat quotes that say things like, “Treat everybody like it’s their birthday” and “Don’t be in a party. Be a party.”

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