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One Last Thing with Kevin Bacon

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Veteran actor Kevin Bacon, 54, stars in the new FOX thriller The Following. This week he took time to chat about his “lasts” with PEOPLE.

Last gift I bought
My wife [Kyra Sedgwick] always wanted a bathtub. So I secretly had one put in our New York home. Every time she takes a bath now, she tells me, “Thank you so much, honey. I just had the greatest bath!”

Last time I took public transportation
I take the subway every day. It’s the fastest way to get around the city. When I’m on the train, I play Solitaire, Angry Birds and Backgammon on my phone.

Last time I said, "I love you"
Twenty minutes ago. Every time I go up to my wife and kids [Travis, 23, and Sosie, 20], I say it. It’s a really good feeling to tell them I care.

Last time I cried
I saw Life of Pi and cried four times. I was knocked out by it. I’m not afraid to show my emotions. I’ll cry and let it all out and not be embarrassed.