Alex Heigl
May 06, 2014 07:50 AM

This teacher‘s still putting smiles on students’ faces even after he’s gone.

Kent, Wash., student Jennifer Arellano has uploaded an old video of a substitute teacher known only as “Mr. K,” who has since passed away. Mr. K’s self-deprecating “rap” – apparently performed as an introduction of sorts to classes he was teaching – has spiked in traffic as former students remember their dearly departed teacher.

Mr. K was certainly not a competitive rapper by any stretch of the imagination, but his willingness to poke fun at himself in front of students endeared himself to more than one: The video’s comment section is flooded with statements from students who didn’t realize their teacher was gone, but felt compelled to share their memories of him once they learned. (One YouTuber mentions Mr. K talking about “his time in the Army and blowing up a camel.”)

It’s a great reminder of the impact teachers can have on students and – as Arellano writes – “the greatest substitute teacher to walk any halls of the Kent School District.”

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