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Kenny Chesney on Ex Renée: No Regrets

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Laura Farr/ZUMA

Kenny Chesney faced the music – and questions about the breakup of his 4-month marriage to Renée Zellweger – on TV Monday morning.

Starting with a performance from his new album, The Road and the Radio, the country star went on to say on Good Morning America that his heart is “good” after the marital split. “It’s up and down, but it’s good.”

Chesney, 37, added, “Anything that’s been going on in my life, I usually look to the road or the radio to get me through it.”

He and Zellweger, 36, met at a tsunami relief benefit last January then, in a small ceremony that took nearly everyone by surprise, married on May 9 on the Caribbean island of St. John.

Just as surprisingly, the union went kaput in September when Zellweger filed papers to end the marriage.

Continuing his day, Chesney – whose ABC special “Somewhere in the Sun” is scheduled to air Nov. 23 – showed up on The View, where he sang again, and prompted cohost Barbara Walters to embrace him and announce, “We’re the new couple.”

Earlier, Chesney was asked if he and Zellweger were still friends, and he replied: “Yeah.”

As for regrets, he said: “Not at all, no. Because she and I fell in love like a couple of school kids. I’m glad to know that happens, that that exists.”