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Watch the Video for Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt's New Acoustic Single

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Shawn Corrigan

Kendall Schmidt is stripping down – musically, at least.

The Big Time Rush star, 24, has recorded an acoustic version of his album Happy Mistakes with his band Heffron Drive.

“Growing up, some of my favorite bands did acoustic records,” Schmidt tells PEOPLE. “It makes sense if you have a piece of work you’re really proud of to do it acoustically, and plus when you do events, it’s quite often that you end up playing acoustic anyway just due to random circumstances.”

Happy Mistakes: Unplugged is the first full-length album Schmidt recorded in his own studio.

“We wanted to have different vibes for each song, so some songs have acoustic drums in it, some songs have a bass line,” he says. “[We had to] figure out what was needed, and figure out how we were going to execute it because it was really just [my bandmate Dustin Belt] and I. Everything you’re hearing was just two people.”

Schmidt had always wanted to make “Art of Moving On” a lead single but didn’t have a chance to when the original album was released.

“I thought ["Parallel"] was more what people were expecting, but this is sort of my phoenix rising from the ashes of my last single, and wanting to put out the one that I really should have done originally,” the former Nickelodeon actor says.

The video was shot in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles and was inspired by acoustic sessions he grew up watching.

“I was like, let’s do a session but in our own controlled environment,” Schmidt explains. “The video you’ll be watching of ‘Art of Moving On’ is the actual live take. Happy Mistakes as a record had so much electronic stuff, I really wanted to show, ‘Look here’s us playing,’ because most oftentimes that’s what we’re doing anyway.”

Happy Mistakes: Unplugged will be released April 28.

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