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October 30, 2013 06:00 PM

While some newlyweds bask in the joys of married life before starting a family, Kelly Clarkson is ready to have kids immediately.

“I want babies!” Clarkson, 31, said during a radio interview with Valentine in the Morning on Wednesday. “Everybody keeps saying, ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ And I’m like, ‘I want to be pregnant.’ ”

And naturally, her hubby Brandon Blackstock is “excited about all the [baby-making] practice,” the former American Idol winner added, explaining that she wants to pop out two little ones who are “around the same age.”

Already taking on the role as mom to Blackstock’s two children from a former marriage, Clarkson called Savannah and Seth “awesome,” adding, “I’m in a great situation. I really lucked out with the whole kids situation. They’re amazing.”

Looking back on their impromptu nuptials, Clarkson told Las Vegas radio station Mix 94.1, “Everybody was actually very understanding … Nobody was really mad. Everybody was really supportive. It was the perfect thing to do. It was so amazing.”

Addressing Blackstock’s very “low-key” proposal, Clarkson recalled, “I was in my PJs and no bra … It was like the one time we were home in forever. He grilled some steaks and I made the sides. We just sitting there talking at dinner and all of a sudden he gets down on one knee.”

Clarkson, in complete shock, “didn’t even know it was happening,” she added. “I didn’t put it together … I didn’t even know it was happening. He totally proposed to me while I was wearing Uggs. It was actually perfect for us. We never get to be low-key. We’re always dolled up for something.”

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