Stephen M. Silverman and Pete Norman
April 07, 2005 01:00 PM

Fans of the first American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson who aren t content just to own her CDs may relish having something more personal. And now’s their chance.

As stated in the posting from an anonymous seller in Ames, Iowa, about Item No. 7505627192 – “Kelly Clarkson’s Used Bottled Water from Omaha Concert” – on the e-Bay online auction site: “I am auctioning off (1) 16.9 fluid ounce bottle of Dasani bottled water that Kelly Clarkson drank out of during her concert on April 2. … Do you want to own some Kelly Clarkson DNA, then this is your chance.”

The seller allegedly came into possession of the object thanks to the fact that “I was sitting in row 1, seat 14, literally 3 feet away from Kelly most of the night. After the second or third song she cracked open this Dasani and took a sip of it to restore her throat. Her lips touched this bottle!!!”

Kelly’s roadies were also willing to let him – or her, the seller’s gender is not clear from the text of the offering – keep the used water bottle. Even better, “There is still a bunch of water in it, so you can drink the rest if you wish.”

So far, the demand doesn’t seem to be overwhelming. Two days into the sale, which ends Saturday, there have been only three bids, the highest being $20.50 – or, about the price of a CD.

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