Stephen M. Silverman
May 15, 2007 10:00 AM

It wasn’t music to Kelly Clarkson‘s ears when her record label, RCA, asked her to cover a Lindsay Lohan tune, she says.

“My label literally sent me a Lindsay Lohan track from her last album and wanted me to record it for my new album,” the American Idol winner, 25, tells MTV News.

“And while I like Lindsay Lohan, like I’m cool with her and I think she sings the song well … it’s already been on an album. I don’t care what pop star it is.”

Clarkson says she was offended by the suggestion. “They were just sending me stuff that was like almost insulting. I’m like, ‘You can’t even find new songs? You don’t want me to write my album but you’re sending me hand me downs?’ ” she tells MTV News. “I ended up writing the entire thing with the people that I write well with.”

Clarkson also tells MTV, “Obviously they’re a record label so they need to sell records. They want the formula writers and the formula producers that do everybody else’s stuff. … I just don’t like working with someone that gives you a song and is like, ‘Oh, I wrote this for you.’ But you find out that they’ve given it to every other artist and they turned it down, you know?”

Though completed in January, Clarkson’s new CD, My December, won’t hit stores until June 26, she recently announced on her blog.

After Clarkson won Idol in 2002, her 2003 debut album, Thankful, went platinum. In 2004, she released Breakaway, which also went multi-platinum and won her two Grammys.

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