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Kelly: Apprentice Player They Love to Hate

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With only four contestants left on The Apprentice and the Dec. 16 season finale looming large, the new Omarosa has emerged.

The current player who’s most unpopular with his peers is West Point grad Kelly Perdew, 37, the software executive from Carlsbad, Calif.

“Personally, I don’t care for the guy,” Chris Russo, who was fired by Donald Trump in week 10 of the 15-week job competition, told the Associated Press following his dismissal.

Other candidates have expressed similar sentiments. Said Raj Bhakta: “He’s just like a pretty human-less fellow. He lacks any chutzpah.” Concurred a more diplomatic Andy Litinsky: “As far as Kelly’s likeability factor, I don’t want to get negative. I would say Raj’s characterization is correct.”

Of course, ultimately, the decision as to whether Kelly continues in the contest to land a job in the Trump Organization rests with Trump himself, not with Kelly’s peers.

Entertainment Weekly magazine, however, does have Kelly as the front-runner to win in the final showdown, giving him odds of 2-1 … compared to Kevin’s 5-1, Jennifer’s 7-1 and Sandy’s 15-1. Last week’s firee, Ivana Ma, had last-place odds of 25-1.

As for how Ivana viewed Kelly, who’s created several Web sites including a personal site where he dispenses entrepreneurial advice, she told AP: “I thought Kelly was great. I didn’t really notice any tension.”