Kay West
June 17, 2008 02:15 PM

Kellie Pickler‘s gone green – at Nashville’s 21st Annual Music Row Ladies Golf Tournament & Tupperware Party.

Taking time from recording her second album, the former Idol star, 21, went “clubbing” at Monday’s outdoor fund-raiser on behalf of United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee.

“I am the queen of putt-putt,” said Pickler, who quickly got into the swing of things – and proved herself no novice with a golf club and dimpled ball.

“I’m always the one who sinks the ball on the 18th hole and wins a free game,” she tells PEOPLE.

Still, she wasn’t counting on sheer luck to pull her through. “I got a new HD-TV installed Sunday, and the guys just happened to turn on the U.S. Open,” she said. “My new TV is so incredible I could see every blade of grass. I watched the whole thing ’cause it was just too pretty to change the channel.”

While captivated by the sharp picture, she also learned to sharpen her golf skills, noting, “I picked up some tips on my swing from Tiger [Woods] and Rocco [Mediate].”

Her Song with Taylor Swift

On the subject of the get-back duet “The Best Days of Your Life,” which Pickler recorded last week with sister country star Taylor Swift – the two wrote it together while touring with Brad Paisley – Pickler said: “We were sitting around one night and talking about old boyfriends. You know, you break up, and you’re really miserable, but what’s really comforting is to know that in time, he’ll come to regret it, and realize the best days of his life were with you, and they’re already gone.”

And the final result? “I didn’t know if our voices would go together – I’m so redneck and she’s so proper, but it really worked.”

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