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Keith Richards 'Talking' After Surgery

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Kevin Terrell/WireImage

Keith Richards was “up and talking to his family” Monday afternoon only hours after undergoing brain surgery to relieve a blood clot on his brain, according to a statement from two spokeswomen for the Rolling Stones.

In addition, this month’s originally scheduled European dates for the band’s “A Bigger Bang” tour have been pushed back to June because Richards “will need a few weeks recuperation,” say reps Fran Curtis (in New York) and Briana Dougherty (in London). The new dates are to be announced soon.

The operation was to relieve a subdural hematoma – a blood clot on the brain. The procedure normally involves drilling a hole through the skull to remove the clot, reports Reuters.

Last week, a spokeswoman for the Stones said Richards was making “a speedy recovery” after his injury.

Richards, 62, was flown to Auckland, New Zealand, for observation after sustaining a “mild concussion” while on vacation in Fiji, said the rep. Various news reports have said that Richards fell from a coconut tree, a Jet Ski or a combination of the two.