Sara Hammel
August 15, 2007 07:00 AM

She’s been open about wanting children – even going so far as to joke recently that she wants 15 of them – but for now, Katharine McPhee is satisfied to just fake it.

“I [do] definitely want to have a baby, and it’s fun to just pretend and look in the mirror,” McPhee, 23, told Entertainment Tonight this week about wearing a faux bump to shoot House Bunny. “I think it’ll probably hold me off a bit on having a baby.

“Today is the first day I’m wearing the prosthetic belly, which wraps all the way around [to] my back, and it’s actually really comfortable,” she said.

The American Idol runner-up, who told PEOPLE that she’s wearing Nicole Kidman‘s hand-me-down bump to film the Adam Sandler comedy, added: “I’m really enjoying it. It’s hot and sweaty though, but it’s like Method acting.”

The fake bump is certainly on the larger side, McPhee explained to PEOPLE, “[In this project], I’m in my ninth month, so I should be hanging kind of low.”

Meanwhile, her costar in the film, Rumer Willis, is having her own troubles with cumbersome costumes. A picture of the actress featuring her character wearing just a dunce cap and silver back brace was leaked last week.

“I keep bumping into people and having to apologize to everyone,” Willis, 18, told ET. “It’s fun though … I’m just really grateful for the opportunity.”

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