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Kate Walsh and Ex to Flip Coin over Furniture in Divorce


Jason Merritt/Getty

Kate Walsh and ex-husband Alex Young have finalized their divorce, Los Angeles records show, but the final who-gets-what will come down to a coin toss.

“One-half of the community property furniture and artwork to be divided by alternating picks after the flip of a coin to determine who will pick first,” their settlement agreement reads.

Young, a studio executive, will also receive $627,000 in the settlement as well as one-half of residuals for all work performed by the Private Practice star during their marriage. Walsh, 42, will be keeping ownership of a home, various bank accounts and a piano.

The couple exchanged vows in Sept. 2007 after a whirlwind romance, and were married for a year and two months. They have no children together.

Walsh has been linked since to camera operator Neil Andrea.

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