Mike Fleeman and Tim Nudd
March 21, 2013 01:30 PM

Kate Upton gets invited to everything – parties, pageants, premieres.

But prom?

Upton, 20, must have been a little taken aback by Jake Davidson’s now-famous video, in which the Los Angeles teen amusingly invites the supermodel to his senior prom.

But isn’t that what every girl wants? A guy who’s sweet and full of surprises, and not afraid to express himself with a dozen roses?

Upton says she’s thinking about it. But what is she waiting for? Here’s are five reason why Kate shouldn’t let a guy like Jake get away.

1. She’ll have the inside track at being prom queen.
There’s no record of whether Upton attended her own prom at Florida’s Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, though it’s been said – somewhat unbelievably – that she was rather nerdy herself in high school. Who knows? Maybe this could be a dream come true.

2. Body paint looks great next to a tux.
Let’s be honest. Kate’s stylists will pull out all the stops to make sure she looks fabulous for Jake on their big night. If that means showing up in nothing but body paint, so be it. (But please turn up the heat in the ballroom.)

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3. Everybody’s doing it – sort of.
Mila Kunis and Kim Kardashian both attended the Marine Corps Ball after getting invitations from guys they’d never met. This will be just like that – only with shrimpy high-school kids instead of hot, muscular warriors.

4. It will inspire other sexy, famous swimsuit models who struggle to get dates.
Think of it as a charity project – not for Jake, but for all the other famous and beautiful women who never get asked out by strangers through elaborate homemade video invitations. You’re giving them hope!

5. It’s the nice thing to do.
Jake said you already made his year by replying to him. He’s just being nice. Return the favor, and make it the night of his life instead.

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