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Kate Moss Lands 'Perfect' Contract

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Christmas eve brought redemption for Kate Moss, who lost several lucrative modeling contracts earlier this year after a tabloid photo allegedly showed her doing drugs.

In a 40-second commercial first broadcast on British TV on Saturday, Moss was shown at home having tea when her cellphone rings, her agent calling to say that he’s landed a perfect new contract for her – for a Virgin Mobile cellphone.

With a nod to the supermodel’s professional problems – she was dropped from her modeling contracts by H&M, Burberry and Chanel, among others, once the drug allegations hit – the commercial’s narrator declares: “Virgin Mobile. One contract worth keeping.”

Virgin Mobile is part of the empire of entrepreneur Richard Branson, who has been a friend of Moss’s for 18 years, reports The New York Times. Though Branson declined to discuss Moss, in a statement he said that she “will impress a lot of people with her natural beauty, acting skills, great comic timing and her ability to poke fun at herself.”

James Kydd, the brand director for Virgin Mobile, said of Moss as quoted by The Times: “She confronted an issue and owned up to it and took a lot of flak, and there was a lot of flak to take. But her strength is something that is aspired to by lots and lots of people in the U.K.”

On Thursday, the Daily Mirror tabloid, which printed the damaging photos of Moss, turned over to police the videotape from which the shots were taken, say reports. After the pictures first appeared, Moss apologized to “all the people I have let down” and sought treatment in an Arizona rehabilitation clinic.