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Kate Wearing New Charm Bracelet

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C is for Catherine, Cambridge and Camilla!

A new charm bracelet that Kate has been wearing recently is a gift from her mother-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Kate, 29, was seen with it prominently dangling from her right wrist when she applauded tennis player Andy Murray at Wimbledon Monday and the previous Saturday, when she and Prince William attended a ceremony with the Irish Guards.

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On her left hand, of course, rests Princess Diana‘s sapphire engagement ring. But it is the newer piece of jewelry, believed to be a wedding present, that’s intriguing royal watchers.

The charm hanging from the bracelet has Kate’s new cypher of a “C” with a curl on one side, and Camilla’s cypher of a “C” below a crown is on the other.

A Palace source confirms to PEOPLE that it was a gift, but wouldn’t say more because it’s “personal.”