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Kim Peiffer
August 28, 2011 08:00 AM

Since she’s a designer and a queen, it seems as if Queen Latifah is the perfect person to ask about the Middleton sisters’ buzz-worthy style. So how would the star, whose clothing line debuts on HSN this weekend, dress the girls if given the chance?

“I wouldn’t change a thing,” she tells’s The Cut. “Pippa’s still kind of up and coming to me – she should get to wear whatever she wants.”

In fact, Latifah says the younger sis should be taking fashion risks. “It’s the time to experiment with the kinds of things she wears,” she explains. “Her sister’s a princess so [she can’t do that].”

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But it seems as though Pippa already has the Queen’s approval. “I think she has a great fashion sense. I think she has a great sense of taste, and she seems just like a girl’s girl, and she knows how to have fun with the boys,” Latifah says.

“I don’t think she should change anything about what she’s done and just be herself and not worry too much about what everyone thinks because that’s when you start making the wrong choices.”

The actress has different words for the Duchess of Cambridge, though: Latifah says she wouldn’t mind loosening up Kate’s look.

“I’d probably give her a pair of my skinny moto jeans and a fresh moto jacket with a cool tank, and I’d probably get her a nice pair of Ralph Lauren boots, throw her on a cool-ass motorcycle and tell her to go,” Latifah says. “But that’s just me. I’m standing in New York, looking over the city, and I like to see a little ruggedness.”

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